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Furnace Replacement: Three Ways To Simplify Your Decision


furnace replacement, Boston, Massachusetts

If your furnace is nearing retirement age, who could blame you for breaking out in a mild sweat? A furnace replacement project requires careful consideration and time not to mention a significant monetary investment. To help simplify your search and buying decision, make sure that you understand the importance of efficiency ratings, size the new furnace correctly and choose an expert contractor to install it.

If they are maintained well, most furnaces will last about 15 to 20 years, but investing in a new one brings with it many benefits. Namely, a more efficient furnace will reap much higher energy savings–not to mention a more comfortable home.

Efficiency ratings are the primary factor during a furnace replacement. Older heating systems — or those with a continuous pilot light — usually operate at between 68 and 72 percent efficiency. Mid-efficiency systems — or those with no pilot light and an electronic ignition — are between 80 and 83 percent efficient. So, if your current system’s efficiency rating falls within this range, you’ll benefit significantly from upgrading, as the newest, Energy Star-qualified furnaces are between 90 and 98 percent efficient. And higher-efficiency furnaces lose very little energy, which means you get more bang for your buck when a system maximizes the energy it uses.

Your new furnace should also be the right size to optimize efficiency. A system that is too small or too large will consume more energy and it will compromise comfort. Make sure your HVAC contractor uses the industry standard method for sizing.

The installation of your furnace also matters a great deal, so choose your contractor wisely. Check credentials and ask for references, and request a rundown of the contractor’s installation practices. A good installation will include sizing the duct work, checking the system’s efficiency output when installed, and checking airflow, along with other factors.

Most homeowners aren’t experts about furnaces, which is why you should reach out to a good and trusted Carlsbad plumbing company. We’ll help educate you about furnace replacement so that you can make an informed decision that should save you money in the long term and save you a few sweaty outbreaks, too.